Constitution Of The British-Irish Parliamentary Reporting Association (Bipra)


The organisation is known as the “British-Irish Parliamentary Reporting Association”.


The association exists to:

(a) promote professionalism in the production of the Official Reports of debates in British and Irish legislatures;
(b) facilitate the exchange of information and ideas and provide mutual support and assistance between members of the association;
(c) provide assistance and guidance to non-member legislatures in their Official Report production;
(c) promote the development among staff of professional skills through secondments,
exchanges and other initiatives; and
(e) inform and educate others about Official Reports.


Full membership of the association is open to all British and Irish parliamentary official reporting organisations. The association may also accept as associate members other parliamentary official reporting organisations whose attendance at conferences and events shall be by invitation.

The chairman of any conference or event shall have discretion to invite to such conference or event former staff of the member bodies of the association and others.


Each member organisation shall have one vote and decisions will be carried only if three-quarters of the membership present vote in favour.

Amendments to the constitution will be made only when all members are present to vote or have authorised a proxy to register their vote.


The association shall endeavour to hold an annual conference which will be attended by delegations nominated by the editors or chiefs of the member organisations. Those delegations will seek to be representative of all sections of the staff of those organisations.

Each conference or event shall be chaired by the editor or chief of the host organisation. The conference or event chairman will have the power to nominate a deputy or deputies to take the chair.