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The Official Report is the official written record of proceedings in the Scottish Parliament. It is a substantially verbatim report of what is said during all full meetings of the Parliament and public meetings of parliamentary committees; it notes down what Charles Dickens, a parliamentary reporter himself, described as “the music of the parliamentary bagpipes”.

The Parliament meets on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and from 11.40 am on Thursdays: the latest Official Reports for meetings of the Parliament are available on the Scottish Parliament website within 3½ hours of meetings finishing. A running draft is published throughout the course of the meeting. The parliamentary committees meet in Edinburgh and in remote locations throughout Scotland: reports are published as soon as possible after committee meetings according to agreed deadlines.

To find out more about us, please have a look at the Official Report pages on the Scottish Parliament website. We also have the Editor’s Picks blog, which aims to give readers a flavour of what has recently been discussed in the Scottish Parliament. The Official Report team publishes a record of between 30 and 40 hours of parliamentary business each week that the Parliament meets. Usually, only hot political topics make the news, but a great deal goes on, from legislation to public petitions, that is variously important, moving, funny and historic—sometimes all at once. The Editor’s Picks blog gives us a chance to share that with readers.


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